our mission

ckb establishes “The Global Republic“.

We want our planet Earth to become unique sustainable.

The major challenges society faces within the beginning of the 21st century are on a global scale: climate change, inequality, migration, over population, health pandemics to name the most relevant.

The economy and many international companies are well organized on a global scale. The World Wide Web and the digital transformation of key activities work as a booster for these developments. Companies can work within a globalized market (Adam Smith: The wealth of nations) and can choose the most adequate environment in order to maximise profits. The consequence is a global competition of countries for business locations and jobs: The lower the taxes and environmental/social standards, the better for the companies.

This competition based on the concept of a perfect market, intended to provide a maximum utility resource allocation, obviously is not working sustainable. We see rising temparatures, rising social inequalities as well as a collectivisation of resulting costs (eg. bailing-out-programms and post-corona financial support) and a privatisation of profits in the private sector.

Mimetic forces (greed, envy, jealousy) trigger various unhealthy inferiority complexes and are the driving forces within these liberated markets. This leads to an exploitation of nature, natural resources and a downward movement of environmental, social and health standards.

To develop and guarantee these basic standards (Adam Smith: The moral sentiment), we need at least an equally strong power to balance all these mimetic forces of liberated markets on a global scale. But:

The political system is still organized mostly on national levels (even within the European Union) and supra-national political institutions do not have the power and/or the necessary democratic legitimation. Currently, we lack global sustainability powered by efficient and transparent global democratic decision-making processes and structures institutionalized within a “Global Republic”. The concept of a “democratic Republic” is historically speaking the most successful frame for wealth and prosperity. On a global scale it is new and includes a form of democratically legitimised global constitution and citizenship, global legislative, executive and justice institutions and global independent media.

Therefore, with ckb we address the questions,
(1) what are the relevant structures and processes and
(2) how we can organize and establish them within the 21st century and realise the vision of a global democratic republic for a healthy society, in our view, the most necessary change to govern our planet in a unique sustainable way.