Zombie Servers – IT Asset Management and the Undead Perilby ps

Who is afraid of the zombies? No one? Not really. At least IT Asset Management around the world gets quite agitated when it comes to zombies in their IT-infrastructure. Why is that? Because comatose servers or so-called zombie servers are doing nothing but burning money. According to an article in Wall Street Journal published in 2015 tens of billions of dollars in the world are just wasted because no one pulls the plug.(1) Setting up a server is cool, keeping servers up and running is ok, but decommissioning servers is risky. Nobody wants to be held responsible for switching one off which later on turns out being used for a critical but rare job. Hence, for IT Asset Managers of all types, sorting out which ones should be turned off is often a Sisyphean labor. Fighting zombie servers may not be sexy, glorious or attractive. But: it is lucrative – saving e.g. energy, software and hardware costs. Hence, it is worth doing it. Being mainly a management problem:

Team Up. Get involved and work cross-functionally in request/change processes as early as possible.

Get to one version of the truth. Get and ensure accurate inventories at any point in time, focusing on collection of data prior to deployment rather than reactively.

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