Software Asset Management and Truffaut’s Stagecoachby ps

In Truffaut’s film “Day for Night” director Ferrand said: ”Shooting a film is like crossing the Wild West by stagecoach. You set out hoping for a nice trip, but soon you wonder if you’ll ever reach your destination.”

With our design approach we protect our clients from such a “stagecoach ride” through the Wild West of Software Asset Management (SAM) from the very beginning. We do not rely on a given tool, but on a design developed especially for the client. Such a procedure saves clients time and money. Successes become visible more quickly and are more sustainable, even if the planning phase takes a little longer.

We believe that efficient and effective SAM can only be achieved with a profound design of the future organization Only then, SAM can fully unfold its positive effects and play an integral part of IT Management.

We design for our clients the set-up or remodeling of SAM in organizations. This ranges from the concept to the “object support” of our client’s SAM. We use techniques developed from architecture and industrial design e.g. design thinking to ensure each SAM we deliver is perfectly tailored to the SAM customer. We do not believe in the one size fits it all concept mainly pursued in the SAM mainstream which often builds organizations around a license management tool. A license management tool is a handy thing but to our experience a SAM tool alone has rarely improved anything sustainably.

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