Running SAM businessby ckb

Overall SAM objectives and benefits can only be achieved if operational SAM management functions are set up and executed. We are ready to support you running your SAM business. Not matter if it is on a strategic or an administrative level, we find the right combination of advisory, management and service skills that relieve the SAM operational work strain for you.

Balancing complianceby ckb

Meeting internal and external compliance liabilities is only guaranteed if all exceptions to SAM policies, processes, and procedures (including license use rights) are reliably detected and managed. Our advisory team helps you crafting the proper verification and compliance processes whereas our managed services team reviews all the necessary data required for an accurate SAM controlling.

Getting data straightby ckb

For managing software assets having the right data at the right time is crucial to save costs and reduce risks. But identifying, gathering and controlling all the data needed for a comprehensive and efficient software asset inventory can be a Sisyphean undertaking. Hence, we not only counsel you how to get your software asset data straight but – if needed – get it done by our managed services team.

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