cerclebleau: Boost your (SAM) Power with German Ninja Warrior Moritz Hansby ckb

We all know how exhausting everyday life can be. More and more projects in less time. At the end of the year our batteries are usually quite empty.

As SAM consultants, we work hard every day to develop the smartest solutions and deliver the best results for our customers and partners. In doing so, we often go unusual ways to deliver extraordinary results. We know from our own experience how important it is to step back from work from time to time and to recharge our energy reserves.

With our “cerclebleau” series of events we want to show our customers, partners and friends a slightly different way to survive in SAM’s everyday life. Our first “cerclebleau”- event features world class climber and German Ninja Warrior 2017 Moritz Hans who will host a Boulder training session for our customers, partners and friends.

Further details can be found here: http://cerclebleau.com/


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